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Article: Our values

Our values - Salty Minx

Our values

The values I hold most dear here at Salty Minx are around ethical manufacturing, honest marketing, and supporting other women.

So, what does that mean, exactly?

To me, ethical manufacturing is about respect and kindness: for the people who make the garments and our planet.

I’ve put a lot of research into the different fabric options in order to find the best fabric. It has to be comfortable to wear, go the distance, and where possible made from recycled material already in circulation, or other consumer waste. We make sure that all the dyes and ink we use in our fabrics are eco-friendly, and that all our hygiene liners, tags, and packaging are made from sustainable or bio-degradable materials.

Before our products reach our shelves, there’s a manufacturing process that involves a large number of people. It’s so important that each one of those people is treated well and paid fairly for the hard work they do. I only work with manufacturers who provide their employees with a great working environment.

Honest marketing means working with real women from the community to showcase the Salty Minx range in each available size. I think it’s important to see stretchmarks, tattoos, and wobbly bits in product photography, as most women have these things. 

I choose to work with local models, photographers, copywriters and other fabulously talented women, I just love to see other women thriving in whatever makes them tick!

So that’s our values. We think everything about our brand is pretty awesome, and hope you’ll agree.

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