Our values - Salty Minx

Our values

The values I hold most dear here at Salty Minx are around ethical manufacturing, honest marketing, and supporting other women. So, what does that m...

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Winter Bodies - Salty Minx

Winter Bodies

Winter is a time when many of us struggle with the demands of a busy life. We feel the pull to isolate, to slow down, and often struggle to find th...

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The Salty Minx Story - Salty Minx

The Salty Minx Story

Shopping for swimwear online can be, in a word, frustrating. In this blog, Hayley talks about starting her own swimwear brand after fruitless attem...

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Swimwear Trends 2022 - Salty Minx

Swimwear Trends 2022

Looking to buy bikinis, togs, and swimsuits in 2022? Check out the list of the latest swimwear trends for the NZ and Australia summer 2022.

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