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Our Story

My name is Hayley and I am a  boy mum here on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. 

As an avid traveler, I spent much of my twenties and early thirties travelling to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches from Koh Samui to Rarotonga, and enjoyed a good pool party or two in Vegas and Ibiza. I loved buying swimwear, and would often come home with more swimwear than I had taken with me.

Since settling in New Zealand however, and with my body becoming curvier as I hit my mid-thirties I found it really hard to find swimwear that appealed to me, and actually fit well. The need to fill a gap in the New Zealand market bore the idea to create Salty Minx Swimwear, and from there I set my sights on activewear as well. 

I set out to create a brand that was a bit different from ones I had researched. One of the values that’s important for me to bring to Salty Minx is ethical manufacturing. This is about respect and kindness for the planet and the people involved in manufacturing our products. The fabrics we decided to use have been chosen with great care, after considering not just the quality and wearability, but the impact on the planet. We offer many styles in fabric derived from recycled plastic and other consumer waste.  Customers are often very surprised at how soft the fabric is given the composition. It’s so important to me that each one of those people is treated well for the hard work they do, and strongly believe everyone has a right to a happy and safe working environment.

I want to help women find swim and activewear that they love and feel good in.  Part of that I believe is in the marketing. I have chosen to work with real women from the Kapiti community, and show each style  on a woman in each size that we offer. I think it’s really important to see stretchmarks, tattoos and real bodies in product photography, as most women have these things.

I love to support other local women in business, and work with local photographers, copywriters and make-up artists. We are such a supportive bunch, and each photoshoot we do is so much fun!

When you contact Salty Minx, I will personally respond to you. I want you to feel confident that you will get what you expect and guarantee if you are not satisfied you will be fully refunded.